Assessment Highlights

Funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the Race to the Top competition (RTTT) is designed to encourage and reward States that reform their educational system and significantly improve student achievement, graduation rates, and college preparedness. States receiving funding need to show improvement in four core areas:

  • recruiting and retaining effective teachers
  • standards and assessments
  • data systems
  • improving the lowest-achieving schools

States that articulated effective plans for progress in those areas were awarded grants from the Federal government. More information about Race to the Top is available here.

How Our Products Support RTTT

Race to the Top supports and encourages the development of online assessment systems. Pacific Metrics has developed online assessments for over ten years. Our Online Remoting Customizable Assessment (ORCA) system can be adapted to support a variety of testing needs, and is currently used by multiple states for formative and summative assessment administrations. In addition, our automated scoring system uses artificial intelligence to score multiple-choice and constructed-response items. Our products are supported by a nationally recognized team of researchers and psychometricians.