The theme of this year’s E-ATP Conference is “Gaining Advantage Through Assessment.”
Our very own, Dr. Michelle Barrett and Dr. Wim van der Linden will be presenting on the topic of “A Universal Test Assembler for the Automated Production of Fixed-Form Tests, Adaptive Tests, and Any Mixture of the Two.”

An interest is developing in testing formats that combine aspects of fixed-form and adaptive testing that suit the practical context of educational, psychological or licensure/certification testing best.

The purpose of the session is to introduce a universal automated test assembler that guarantees real-time generated test forms meeting the same test specifications with any desired format. It is discussed how to configure the assembler to meet both functional and non-functional requirements, including content blueprints, presence of set-based items, adaptation to test-taker proficiencies within a common passage or stimulus, control of the item-exposure rates, inclusion of field-test items while providing for the same “look and feel” of the test, options for test takers to navigate among items, accommodation of large numbers of concurrent users, etc.

The hour-long session is scheduled for Friday, September 30 at 10:30AM, and will include two 20-minute presentations followed by audience discussion.

We hope to see you there!

Location Penha Longa Resort, Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal

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