Item management redesigned and streamlined

Upgrade your processes for item authoring, editing, and analysis.


Manage high volume item development and your distributed team more effectively

CDE provides a full-service item management platform that supports content editing and management for both traditional and innovative new item types. The platform is versatile, flexible, and secure. It is easy to import test content from or export test content to any online test delivery platform and to analyze item performance statistics. Built-in tools make it easier for writers and reviewers anywhere to collaborate and work with optimum productivity.

Our CDE Supports Major Assessment Providers

Several large assessment providers use our CDE platform for item authoring, editing, content management, and storage as they create items aligned to the Common Core State Standards. By leveraging our CDE, it contributes to the providers’ ability to streamline processes, achieve standardization and quality management, and effectively manage the entire process of test content creation and delivery.

By Assessment Specialists . . . for Assessment Specialists

Our CDE represents a unique collaboration between assessment specialists and software engineers. Working together, they created a platform that supports and enhances the entire test development workflow. At Pacific Metrics, we developed this platform to support our own item and test development needs. Soon, other organizations expressed interest in using this robust tool for their development and assessment needs.

Our CDE offers these key features:

  • Seamless integration with most test delivery platforms so testing programs can be implemented reliably and confidently
  • Robust import/export of content accommodates the full range of item types and media
  • Integration of interoperability standards allows all items to be available on all delivery platforms
  • Improved quality and consistency of content
  • Full support for a range of item types including technology enhanced items, items incorporating graphics and multimedia, accessible and alternate items, and more
  • Customizable workflows adapt to your processes and preferences
  • Management reporting and tools support thorough item performance analysis and management of item developers

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