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States, districts, consortia, and other organizations choose Pacific Metrics as their partner to design, implement, and operationalize custom, web-based assessment delivery systems and testing programs. We use a research-based approach, reliable testing platforms, tools and services, and a well-defined, client-centric planning and implementation methodology to deliver the highest quality solutions. Our custom solutions are scalable, secure, and designed to deliver reliability and accuracy.

Based on clients’ needs, we create comprehensive programs that integrate sophisticated assessment technology, comprehensive reporting, and interoperability with multiple devices and operating systems. Clients count on us for comprehensive integration, technology support, and the critical component of operational support to help them deliver testing experiences that accommodate all test takers, including those with disabilities.

A Custom Formative Assessment System Helps Students and Teachers Master the State’s Comprehensive Curriculum

A state Department of Education chose Pacific Metrics for its custom-content and technology-based service that provides online formative assessments and links student performance and achievement to educational standards. With tools for test construction, editing, and scoring constructed-response items, the platform also supports District Administered Tests. Training workshops, tutorial software, comprehensive documentation, help desk services, and item bank upgrades are all part of this custom formative assessment solution.

Designed by our Experts, Customized for You and Your Customers, We Focus on Smooth Sailing Right from the Launch.

Our custom assessment design and development engagements are focused on achieving your unique assessment requirements so that you can reach your destination.  We address your specific needs with versatile, flexible, and secure systems that deliver test content to large populations. Our platforms include:

  • Easy configuration for a wide range of programs
  • Dynamic, cutting-edge functionality, such as delivering technology-enhanced item content and integrated automated scoring
  • Flexibility to adjust functionality to address changes as they arise
  • Comprehensive reporting informed by sophisticated research and psychometric expertise
  • Content development and psychometric services as part of the overall assessment program to support full management of summative assessment programs

Pacific Metrics has successfully delivered millions of formative and summative assessments with 99.9% system availability.

Assessment Platforms

We develop robust, web-based platforms to help our clients measure learning and improve instruction. Our testing platforms can be configured to deliver:

  • Integrated test creation, delivery, scoring, reporting, and remediation in modular solutions
  • Intuitive teacher interfaces to streamline assessment creation, assembly, and scheduling
  • Accessible, engaging student interfaces to improve and enhance each student’s experience
  • Learning tools to link external instructional resources
  • Accessibility and accommodations support
  • Integration with automated scoring and sophisticated reports

Interoperability Standards

We continue to play a central leadership role in defining future interoperability standards. Our custom applications support the APIP/QTI protocols, the most widely used standards. Our commitment to meeting high standards for quality supports our clients’ requirements for data integrity, security, and efficiency.

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