Simplifying the testing experience
for students, teachers, and administrators!

Give students multiple opportunities to engage with and experience online assessments.

Help Teachers Measure Student Learning to Inform and Improve Instruction.

Unity makes it easy and intuitive for classroom teachers to create, assemble, and schedule formative or summative assessments. This web-based interface offers learning tools that can link to instructional resources, provide accessibility and accommodations support, and integrate with automated scoring. Unity delivers meaningful insight to guide teacher instruction and student learning.

Why Should You Choose Unity?

Unity is different; with its comprehensive functionality, that allows you to import items, create and share items and tests, print paper exams, schedule and deliver online assessments, and view test results, Unity offers a streamlined solution that perfectly fits your formative and summative needs.

Unity is designed to support and strengthen the way teachers instruct and students learn, integrating multiple options for customization, personalization, and real classroom flexibility:

Title Solution
Custom Design Choose the look and feel for Unity, with branding and color options or use our recommended settings designed with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the World Wide Web Consortia.
Creation Create your own items and tests or use those provided by the school, district, or state. Engage your students by uploading media, passages, or other stimuli.
Scheduling and Delivery Schedule tests for students to take online at school or at home. Print tests to provide a paper/pencil experience. Customize the testing window and available tools for each student in the class roster.
Monitoring Receive real-time test results as soon as they are scored with Pulse. Monitor the completion status of tests during the testing window, and identify which items were difficult for each student.
Configurable Roles Use self-service functions to create a role for a school counselor, a reading specialist, a district assessment coordinator, or any other specialized roles without waiting days or weeks for a vendor to respond.
Scoring Multiple-choice and hand-scored constructed-response items can be easily and accurately scored. Our Constructed Response Automated Scoring Engine (CRASE®) is fully integrated.
Reporting Performance can be viewed, evaluated, and compared at the individual, class, site, and district level using easy-access graphic displays.

Mobile First Design
Students can see items with a layout appropriate for the device on which they are testing, whether it’s a desktop,
laptop, tablet, or even an iPad Mini.

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