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Our Automated Scoring System, CRASE®, is a cutting-edge solution that provides immediate, accurate, and low-cost scoring of short-answer and essay items. It is a highly reliable and cost-effective alternative to handscoring student responses and is currently deployed in both classroom and summative assessment environments. Use of automated scoring can eliminate the time required for the receipt of scores and data for classroom-based assessments. In addition CRASE minimizes the time teachers have to spend on grading. For summative online assessments, it  can produce immediate scores and even serve as a validation step in ensuring human reader reliability.

CRASE utilizes the latest advances in information technology, combined with natural language processing and statistical modeling, to easily and accurately score open-ended test questions, including writing prompts. For writing, the system instantly delivers holistic or trait-based feedback and identifies and flags unusual and non-scorable responses.

The system offers:

Cost effectiveness
Automated Scoring reduces time and costs incurred in handscoring processes associated with personnel, facilities, and training.

Immediate turnaround
Automated Scoring can provide scores and feedback to students in seconds.

Consistent and reliable scoring
Studies have shown that that the scores delivered by Automated Scoring are as accurate as those provided by human raters. Data from Automated Scoring can help identify and correct rater drift as it occurs rather than in a later review of the assigned scores.

Proven applications
Automated Scoring is used for rapidly scoring student responses in statewide high-stakes summative assessments in Algebra 1, Geometry, and English II. It is also used for scoring student responses to short-answer formative assessment items in math, reading, and science.

The system is a Web service that integrates easily with testing platforms using a standardized API. Plus, it can be configured to score the wide variety of items already used in state-level and classroom assessments.

Data Sheets

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