Assessment Engineering & Technology Consulting

Planning and Designing for Scalability, Security, and Streamlined Operations

In the contemporary assessment environment, technology and engineering play central roles in program design, planning, development, and deployment. Our Engineering and Technology Department works with clients to address all critical components of program design, data flow, security, system access and performance, required capacity, maintenance, user support and training, and disaster recovery. We use the Agile development methodology to deliver solutions that minimize cost, streamline schedules, assure quality, and reduce risk.

Pacific Metrics Developed a Web-based Item Authoring and Item Pool Application for a Major Assessment Consortium.

Pacific Metrics provides technology consulting services to support the development of a web-based item authoring and item pool application (IAIP) for a major U.S. assessment consortium. Our technology solutions support a user-friendly interface that enables users to create, edit, and manage content aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Our team delivered a versatile, flexible, and secure platform for developing, managing, and exporting test content and making it efficient for users to author and store a variety of item types, including constructed-response and technology-enabled items.

Our program plan guides each component of our project management approach.

When clients choose Pacific Metrics to manage major assessment initiatives, we develop a process that is designed right from the start to achieve our clients’ goals. The program plan serves as the organizing framework, roadmap, and accountability tool. It considers the activities needed for a successful assessment or educational technology effort.

Title Solution
Requirements development and review Comprehensive specification development, review, and consulting
Architecture and design End-to-end solution and software design and development with a focus on assessment and other educational technology systems
System integration and interoperability Assurance of compatibility and interoperability with existing infrastructure and data systems
Import, export, management, and storage of assessment data Solutions to harness the power of data to inform instruction
Information and test security Design and development of maximum security systems and processes
Systems testing and quality assurance Support to assure function, usability, and adverse scenario performance, with a focus on areas such as end-to-end data integrity and system performance in an education environment
Compliance with industry standards Design and architecture to ensure compliance with standards such as FERPA and COPPA

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