Protect your organization from copyright infringement disputes.

If you use third-party materials in your content development, copyright is critical.

If you create content, we can be your one-stop source for permissions research and acquisition.

We have expanded our Content Licensing capacity to serve item and assessment developers, publishers, web designers, and any content development creator who needs to use third party materials in their work.

Our Content Licensing Services Include:

  • Literary Works (Print and Digital)
  • Pictures and Graphics
  • Computer Software
  • Audio Recordings
  • Audiovisual Content (Movies, Animation, Television)

You invest significant resources in content development and quality.

Protect your investment with our new Content Licensing Services.

Choose Pacific Metrics to Address All Your Permissions and Licensing Needs

We can handle your Content Licensing requirements from start to finish, covering both United States and international content. Save time by utilizing our services which include the following:

  • Rights Holder Research
  • Acquisition/Clearing Rights
  • Rights Negotiation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Copyright Training
  • Portfolio Review, Compliance, Analysis, and Recommendations

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