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Program Management and Support

Thorough, thoughtful project management supports performance excellence.

Among our core competencies is full-scale project management. We use industry-accepted best practices, informed by the guidelines of the Project Management Institute and the Council of Chief State School Officers related to large-scale assessment. We develop a comprehensive program plan that covers every project detail, including project goals, performance tasks, milestones, and deliverables, supported by task dependencies and owners.

Our processes integrate scope management, communications, workflow planning, risk management, issues management, change management, and performance management. For each category, we apply best practices.

Pacific Metrics Provides Comprehensive Program Management and Support to a Large State Department of Education

Our Program Management team manages a spectrum of large-scale projects for a southern State Department of Education, encompassing the development, administration, scoring, and reporting for statewide summative, formative, and practice assessment systems. These include an online assessment system and a grade-level performance assessment program. In addition, we provide a web-based accountability and reporting service to support federal regulations and a secure web-based item management system.

Our program plan guides each component of our project management approach.

When clients choose Pacific Metrics to manage major assessment initiatives, we develop a process that is designed right from the start to achieve our clients’ goals. The program plan serves as the organizing framework, roadmap, and accountability tool.

Title Solution
Project Scope Includes all project durations, key personnel, budget details, and descriptions and assumptions for key activities and deliverables
Key Milestones & Deliverables Matrix Provides the definition of each major deliverable, responsible parties for each task, review cycles, and projected dates for each activity
Communications Plan Identifies specific events, communication methods (in person, conference call, web conference, etc.), dates, locations, and required participants
Change Management Plan Outlines the process used to identify, document, analyze, and approve changes in project scope or schedule
Risk Management Plan Outlines the process used to proactively identify, quantify, qualify, and respond to potential risks to the project schedules, budget, and/or quality
Issues Management Plan Describes our approach to managing and communicating to all stakeholders any issues that arise during the course of the project
Performance Management Plan Identifies performance metrics for the project, the plan for monitoring and reporting on the metrics, and the schedule for reviewing performance results


Our Program Management approach is based on these core principles:

  • Creating strong partner relationships
  • Meeting partners’ standards
  • Respecting contributors’ knowledge and experience
  • Using industry best practices
  • Investing in planning
  • Meeting progress checkpoints
  • Addressing risks early
  • Encouraging personal accountability
  • Using metrics for process improvement
  • Delivering long-term business value

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