Integrity and Rigor Guide the Way

Research and Psychometrics Services

Research & Development Are High Priority at Pacific Metrics

We invest significantly in research and development as part of the company’s mission to innovate for our clients and the profession. Recent successful research and development projects include

  • Plagiarism detection toolset
  • Technology-enhanced item editor
  • Automated scoring software
  • Accessible Portable Item Protocol (APIP) contributions
  • Evaluation of machine-scored constructed-response assessments for mathematics
  • Examination of the relative contribution of the four language modalities to English language proficiency

Research Supports Quality Assurance and Sparks Innovation.

Research supports every component of our organization. From quality assurance and data monitoring in support of test delivery and reporting services to creating new product initiatives, our research team focuses on advancing assessment content, delivery, and reporting in educational settings. At the same time, we are advancing the technology of assessment, developing new tools and applications to improve testing for all stakeholders.

Psychometric Services: State-of-the-Art Science

The Pacific Metrics psychometric staff includes measurement professionals with academic and operational experience in the testing industry. They understand and uphold industry standards for test reliability, validity, and data integrity.

Our team is recognized for its leadership and contributions to the industry. They have produced numerous research publications and presentations. Equally important, they are experienced and skilled in balancing theoretical priorities with policy and practical implications in the design and implementation of assessment programs.

Our Research & Psychometric Services include:

  • Applications of Item Response Theory
  • Item Analyses
  • Test Equating
  • Standard Setting
  • Vertical Scaling
  • Technical Reviews for Quality Assurance
  • Test Security Analyses
  • Validity Research
  • Innovative Technical Studies and Reports
  • Integration of Universal Design and Evidence-Centered Design Principles
  • Psychometric Software Licensing and Support
  • Policy Consultation
  • Item and Test Development
  • Test Design
  • Computer Adaptive and Stage Testing

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