Pacific Metrics’ solutions are designed to address all aspects of online testing. Pacific Metrics brings together best practices for online testing, automated scoring, psychometrics, and content development. Our solutions are flexible and responsive; we provide our clients with the highest level of expertise in the online testing industry. Our work philosophy is focused on the creation of lasting improvements to the assessment and learning environment through the thoughtful use of technology. We have achieved recognition as a leading force in the development of innovative and customized online systems.

Online Testing

We can develop and deploy Web-based software delivery systems for formative, high-stakes summative, and innovative assessments. We customize each system to the requirements, host the software, and incorporate advanced technology.

Automated Scoring

We offer advanced information technology to score student responses for large-scale assessments. Supporting the spectrum of constructed-response item types, from short-answer mathematics and science to longer essays, our scoring services are proven to be accurate and reliable. Used in both formative and summative assessments, our automated scoring solution, CRASE®, provides rapid turnaround and cost savings over handscoring.

Psychometric Consulting

We offer psychometric services, consulting, and communication services, along with supporting software.

Content Development

We are experienced in the development and design of test items and test related content. This content can be developed for either online delivery or paper and pencil tests, depending on customer requirements.